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Route Rite Software allows detail setup of services for lawn care
Route Rite Software track many different services for Lawn Care
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Route Rite Lawn Care Software can use My Billing Buddy Software to Reduce Truck Mileage
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Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

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All your customer Vitals, Services and Service Instructions, Transaction History, Re-Scheduling
Individual Pricing, Multiple Addressses and more

Integrated with Routing, Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Reporting
Route Rite Software is American Made
Route Rite Software is used in Lawn Care to reduce missing jobs, reduce truck mileage, track the inventory, integrate the billing. Have Customer Information on the screen in front of you when you need it, have the software remember when this customers service should be done and remind you, to allow you to price the customer where you want and have it automatically invoiced. To help you make sure that the trucks are reducing their mileage and fuel usage and then to help you collect you money sooner. But Route Rite also helps with the Lawn Care needs of Seasonal Service Scheduling and does a good job of allowing you to adjust services to only be done during particular times of the year, and to Bill by the Month or Season rather than each trip out.

Install our "Route Rite"tm Lawn Care Billing Software or Lawn Maintenance Billing Software, get trained, customize the data, including services and frequencies to fit you and get started helping yourself to get customers done on time, routing the truck a shorter distance, getting your customers billed quicker, getting reminded to collect the money and keep track of materials used and sold. Route Rite was designed to service Lawn Care with Re-Occurring and Seasonal Services. Automatic routing is the routine for each customers address for each of the services that need to be done, along with what Week and Day of the Week that you or your customer prefer them to be done. And the software automatically puts them on the route.

"Route Rite"tm Lawn Care Billing Software or Lawn Maintenance Billing Software comes with the Customer History Module, Routing and Scheduling Module, Accounts Receivable Module and Inventory Module.

Route Rite can export some items to Performance Software's "My Billing Buddy" Android Scheduling and Invoicing Software, Micorsoft's Word, Excel and to Streets and Trips & Intuit's QuickBooks (for reducing or eliminating sales totals duplicate entry).
Lawn Care & Maintenance Business Management Customer History & Service Instructions- See invoice balance, credit balance, last statement date, service history, directions, notes, last and next service dates, Create Letter Templates, Email, write letters or mailing labels to your customers with Microsoft's Word.

Routing and Scheduling- 12 different Work Tickets/Service Slips, edit services, see geographic relation of stops to a target job to schedule, service reminders or automatic scheduling based on day of the week & week number for a specific time or general time, get stop information with your Microsoft "Streets & Trips" for mapping or use our built in Historic Adjacent Area Scheduling.

Accounts Receivable - Billing Invoices and Aged Statements ready to fold and stuff in #10 Window Envelope, Late Charges and Sales Tax and Detailed Aging Reports, edit jobs in verification of completion, bill for rentals, or fixed rate by month and by the job, bill for service and products, hours sq. ft., send renewals and bill upon approval of renewal.

Inventory & Material Usage - Chemical & Material Usage, Product Sales, Usage & Sales Reports, Inventory Reorder Levels or Export to Microsoft's Excel, print California Ag & New York DEC Report, print materials needed for services report.

Export to Intuit's QuickBooks - Reduce duplicate entry and Import Sales Total's from Route Rite into Intuit's QuickBooks for Profit and Loss Reporting or further analysis.

Buy "All of the Above in One" Lawn Care Control Business Management Software Basic Package Now from $599.00

Demo see Our 4th Generation Routing & Scheduling Service Billing Invoice Software.
Performance Software Technologies, Inc., developed its first generation "Route Rite"® Software product for Lawn Care Control Management companies back in 1991. The first & second products were Microsoft dos then 16 bit Windows platforms. It was one of the first fully integrated Lawn Care software products back in 1991and it has grown from there.   Our ideas for product development were based around our Lawn Care Operators being inexperienced computer users; therefore we made the software simple and as inoffensively automatic as possible. In 1993, we began customizing the software for lawn care, irrigation service management and mowing service companies.
Enter your customer’s information fully or partially. The software is designed to complete any required field from your setup instructions. Therefore any operator ends up getting the same customer entry efficiency.

The payment terms, city, state, county, possible zones, sales tax, and truck that works that area are automatically defaulted to eliminate keystrokes. Now you can just edit any of them if in this rare occasion one is different. Many lawn care companies use the special once a month billing feature even though the services may be done once a week.

While you are at it, you can quickly search for any existing customer with a few characters of their last name, company name, phone, service address or customer number. See everything about the customer including their balance, Credit Balances, last statement date and full payment and service history, material’s used or special instructions.

Lawn care companies may use the integration with Word to store diagrams (Just copy and paste) and letters directly to a customers record.

Attach the services or groups of services, which already include the customizable service frequency, and just tailor it to suit your desires for this particular customer. Start the Services 6 weeks apart and the software will keep it that way each year. The software will either remind you of the service needing to be done or automatically schedule the service and allow you to print the service slips. Print the service slips for one or all customers for that day or a number of days up to 30 days in advance. Some Lawn Care companies print just the Route Summary Report of the entire month and allow the technician to route their own days. The software has been programmed to allow for many of your different working ideas. So lawn care and mowing service companies that due seasonal services and bill for them once per year are particularly pleased with the billing being attached or separated from the number or frequency of services being completed.

Easy enough to click a button and see a call list of any lawn care jobs that are waiting for manual scheduling. And while you are at it, just scan the screen for open route spots for one or multiple trucks that may be geographically pleasing for any waiting route stop. Lawn care professionals appreciate that these jobs may be set for specific times or general to and from times. And may be organized by location. Some Lawn service companies use the feature of exporting addresses to excel for map plotting.

Lawn Care & Irrigation Management Operators may use our 8 different electronic service slip designs or our 3 designs for your own pre printed forms. Service Slips include previous balance, invoice balance, time in, time out, payment method and amount, Service description, products and prices.

At the end or any time of day, click a button print your monthly invoices for billing. Even easily and quickly record cash receipts for a particular job or any open invoice for the customer.

Lawn & Irrigation professionals simply print Invoices already designed for #10 Window Envelopes, to be mailed to your billing customers.

Now, just print your desired reports, including cash receipt, aging, sales, production, material usage, commission, transaction listings and more!

• Get Work Scheduled On-Time
• Get Invoice History for Each Customer
• Start some Lawn Care Services at Seasonal Times of the Year
• Integrated Invoicing of Lawn Care Services and products or Charge Monthly
• Track Materials Used and products Sold for lawn Up keep
• View Special Notes for Each Lawn Care Job
"Route Rite"™ Software for Lawn Care
Was first delivered in 1991, with our DOS Version competing against Main Frames. It has been upgraded over the Decades for the various new operating Systems and Features desired by its users. Many users are members of our Premium Annual Support, which gave them free upgrades to the same product over the years. This software is very mature as it has been improved over the decades.

There is not a question of whether our software will help you keep your customer's history, route your trucks to be in the same area on the same days to reduce mileage, reschedule repeat services, track inventory, create invoices and collect your money. It is more about how you will use it. Route Rite Lawn Care Software is used to keep customers Schedule and to Route the trucks in the same area on the same day. "Route Rite"™ Software allows for multiple pricing and automatically Invoicing each customer for their Services and products. Start by customizing your setup to fit your business and then just enter your customers with their services, frequency and service instructions and the software with remind you or schedule the re-ocurring stops, print the work tickets, track the services and products, Invoice the Account, track the collections and report on the business. This has been the more traditional way of increasing the efficiency of your Pest Control Business. Now that the Option of Paperless is available for Route Rite, you can do the same but eliminate all the paper printing and the driving of vehicles to pick up and drop off Service Slips.
Customize your Services, Products, Material, Equipment and Frequencies to better fit your business

Keep your Customers Information with services for each address and with individual pricing. Customer jobs can be automatically routed and saved to a route technician or the software can remind you of job coming due within the next 90 days.

Use Materials as a part of the Service to be included in the Service Price. Print Material Usage Reports, including the California Agriculture Report and the NYDEC Report, With Manufacturer's "EPA" or serial number, id, location used and more…

Sell Products in addition to the Service, with variable pricing for each customer and each service. Track Costs and suggested Sales Price, which can be edited for each customer and each service

Track and Bill for Equipment located at your customers location or your office

Route your jobs Geographically On Screen or Pre Set Dates and Times for each customer and each service to move your trucks in the most efficient manner. View your scheduled jobs by truck for one day or multiple days, or multiple trucks for one day. View by name or color coded Zip, Area or Map Grid, to allow for matching exact and close route stops.

Route your jobs for specific times or time range. Edit jobs Before Routed and After Completion.

Chose from the 12 Different Types of Service Slips for your Default or select a type every time

Print Service Slips/Invoices for scheduled jobs with or without materials. Print Invoices to be mailed to the selected customers. Print slips with data only to allow you to print on Slip prepared to match by your Printing Company. Otherwise the forms are printed on Blank Paper purchased at your local Office Supply

Charge and Report Sales and Sub Sales Taxes to non exempt customers

Print Aged Statement with Late Fees, along with a host of Accounts Receivable Reports

Print a Host of Sales and Production Report and send Sales Totals to QuickBooks
"Route Rite"tm Software Configurations:
Live Person to Person Training and Email Support
Live Training (add-on)
Annual Software Support (add-on)
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