Route Rite Software is Paperless using My Billing Buddy Android Software for your Smart Phone
My Billing Buddy Link Software Import and Exports from Route Rite Software
"Route Rite"tm Software uses
"My Billing Buddy"™
Android Service Management Software for Paperless Routes

My Billing Buddy has many like features to Route Rite. This Android Software contains routing, scheduling, invoicing, collection on your Android Device. The link package has special export and import technique to use the Route Rite Route Information.

Reduce Fuel, Reduce Mileage, Reduce Paper Cost, Reduce Office Posting, Increase Customer Service

You may use Route Rite by itself or you may add My Billing Buddy Link Software and then Route Rite will start sending the sceduled jobs to your Route Technician on an email that will automatically populate the Technicians Google Calendar and allow all the benefits of My Billing Buddy including Emailing the Completed Invoices to your Customer from the Truck, immediately. Copies on Completed Invoices and the full history is automatically sent back to Route Rite to update the files and eliminate Posting, Postage, Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expenses

My Billing Buddy Android Software works for whatever industry that you use
Route Rite Software
My Billing Buddy Android Software for Inspectors
If you are a Business that has Android Smart Phones and Visits Customers to Sell or Service from your Truck and you need to Route and reschedule your jobs and Create Invoices, then for as low as $25.00 per month you can have "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing and Inspection Software designed to help you Improve your Service and Sales Efficiency by integrating its software and the link software.
• Schedule your Customer Visits using your Google Calendar Events, so now your integrated with your other appoinments

• Reschedule your Customers Visits by day, week, month and Year, meet almost any customer scheduling needs

• View and interact will your customers, that are due, on your Google Map in relation to your location, so make a visit plan that saves fuel

• View Turn by Turn Directions, with Google or other, to your Stops without wasting time and asking for cross streets. The customers address is enough

• Get and edit Detail on what Services or Products were last used or needed for this customer, so that you know if you have it on the truck

• Dial the customer with a one button touch from your Truck, while you are on the way. Will that customer remember you?

• Initiate an Email the customer with a one button touch Truck, while you are on the way. What a way to keep your business name in front of your customer

• Sell any Products and adjust pricing right out of your onboard inventory of product, equipment and material, with their individual notes and invoice the customer on the spot.

• Collect Payments for this Service or Sales Call, so that your remaining balance Invoice for this service is up to date

• Collect the Customers Signature for work completed, which is attached to the Invoice and or Inspection/Estimate when they are viewed, printed and emailed.

• Invoice the customer and Email it to the customer from the doorstep or print Bluetooth or WiFi. View it on the screen in seconds and click to email or print it. Should help in reducing receivables

• Copy of all work is automatically sent to the office and will stay on your phone until you delete it. So the driving to and from the office is eliminated and the paper handling is at minimum.

• Awesome Integrated or Stand Alone Inspection Reports using Pictures taken from your phone, tablet, or in your Gallery. Take a picture and add Labels, Findings and Recommendations, along with Measurements, Notes, lines and Circles. Findings and recommendation can be attached to Invoices.
Here's all the NO MORE'S, that should save you time and money:

No more Buying Receipt Books, or Invoices, No driving back and forth to the office or store, no thumbing through piles of paper in the truck, no losing the paperwork, wrinkling or spilling on the paperwork, No illegible handwriting, No need for nearest cross street, No Index Cards, No wondering who is scheduled for today, this week month or year, No wondering which job is closest to your current location, No worrying about informing the office which jobs are completed, No waiting for the office to mail an Invoice.
With "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Invoicing and Inspection Software:
Give your Customer a Professional Immediate and Accurate Invoice including their Payment and Signature! Give your Customer a Beautiful Inspection or Estimate which is integrated with the Invoice. Drive to and communicate with your Customer "On Time". Get Organized with "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Invoicing and Inspection Software
Ways to Purchase include:
Rent the software month to month which includes Link to Route Rite, support and standard upgrades
Single User, Multi User or Site License
Purchase Additional Customization
Service Routing and Billing Software
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Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

Go to My Billing Buddy Android Service Managment Software Mobile Friendly Website
My Billing Buddy Inspector Routing, Invoicing, Inventory and Inspection Software for Android
Route Rite Software is American Made
Job appointments from Route Rite are sent to each Truck with an Android Device. The completed jobs are received back for reduced posting in the office
My Biiling Buddy
Main Mobile Website
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Use "My Billing Buddy" with "Route Rite"tm Routing and Billing Software

You must have an Android Smart Phone with Android 4 or Below or Approved Android Tablet (must have all Google Applications including the Play Store. To integrate to Route Rite, you also must have "My Billing Buddy"tm Link

Select, in My Billing Buddy Link, which time frame and what technicians need to have their jobs. Route Rite will gather the jobs, allow review and send the jobs to the Smart Phones of your Technicians

The Technician/driver will recieve the jobs immediately and "My Billing Buddy"tm will load the jobs into Google Calendar, Maps etc...

The technician/driver can view each day, week or month and work the jobs in daily order or

Look at the whole days work and see the jobs in relation to the technicians current GPS location

Driver picks the job and can get turn by turn directions, call the job ahead or email the job ahead of arrival

The Tech start the job and the timers start. The tech can read the notes see, update and edit services, materials and products (service and product inventory is on board in My Billing Buddy). My Billing Buddy has that customers pricing and it can be adjusted. Driver can add notes or take a payment and My Billing Buddy will adjust the Billing Invoice Balance. The tech can then complete the work, with a Touch, and the timers stop, while My Biiling Buddy records the GPS location at the completion of the work (great for verifying you were at that location).

Driver can view, print (Bluetooth if they have) and email the invoice, immediately, of which a copy of all work is emailed a copy of each stop. So the office can see almost real time the status of the jobs on that route.

Now the Driver is off to the next stop, without ever having to drive to the office to pick up the work and paperwork, or having to drive back to the office to drop it off, or having to ask for nearest cross street, or have your customer wait from 8 to 12 for a surprise visit.

Technician can add new customers in the field and can save stops to google contacts, in case there is an emergency stop to an existing customer. No need to drive back to the office to drop off the new customer.

Can see Techs progress real time, Can instantly add stops via Google Calendar in the office, receives a real time copy of Invoice emailed to the customer, imports the completed and cancelled jobs into Route Rite Software for editing and posting and Excel is used for history not stored in Route Rite, along with Exception Reports for security.

Thats Less Mileage, Less Fuel Usage, Less Paper Waste and Less Office Posting with Increased Efficiency of Route Service, Invoice Billing, Account Receivable, not hand written un readable invoices and immediate reporting, every single month in return for a one time purchase
My Billing Buddy Industrial Strength Android Software Allows you to:
Go to My Billing Buddy Link Software if you want to link to Route Rite Software
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