Here is our Standard Pricing for Route Rite, My Billing Buddy, Training and Support

Route Rite is purchased separately from My Billing Buddy. Likewise purchasing My Billing Buddy does not include Route Rite. Please specify which or both Software Packages you are interested in

"Route Rite"tm Software Download (Includes Modules Customer, Routing, Accounts Receivable and Inventory with Training Aids and Movies)

Startup Version of Route Rite includes all the same software features as the Standard Version except it is Limited to 200 customers. It includes the same training and setup aids

Standard (Single Data Base) or Premium (Several Data Bases) Single User
or Premium Multi User

Software Setup Data Input
We enter up to Up to
2 Profit Centers, 10 Services per Profit Center, 20 Items of Inventory, 2 Customers with Services and products, 20 Zip Codes, 5 Trucks, 5 Employees, Terms, Office Information
Sales Tax, and Service Slip, Invoice and Statement Office notes

Live Training
(This is specialize Training that digs deep into your plans and then matches training to fit with your data)

Annual Software Support
(Includes Live email support, standard software upgrades to your purchased product and more live training aids)

Android Software
"My Billing Buddy"tm Inspector Android Routing, Inventory and Billing Software
"My Billing Buddy"tm Link Software that imports and exports to Route Rite Software (is Included in Rental of My Billing Buddy Inspector, along with support)
Service Routing and Billing Software
Route Rite Software Home Page
Then if you have further questions please click the Contact Sales Button and send your questions and we will respond within minutes in some cases. Or click the call me button and leave a voice mail (you might get lucky and get right through to a live person).

You may Call Us at 818 889 1361 to purchase. You must leave your name and company and phone, along with which products you need above. And a representative wil call you back, to take your order, if we are backed up. It won't be long so expect a call rather quickly during working hours

We Accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Checks
Software Fees:

Route Rite Routing Service and Billing Software for Windows:
All Route Rite Software License Fees below are One Time Fees for Perpetual Use! No Monthly Rental!

Prices are listed as Regular price or Cash/Check Price
Route Rite Single User Start up version for less than 200 Customers _____$329.00 or $299.00 (Check)

Route Rite Single User Standard Version_____________________________$658.00 or $599.00 (Check)

Route Rite Single User Premium Version_____________________________$879.00 or $799.00 (Check)

Route Rite Multi User Standard Version for 5 Computers _______________ $1099.00 or $999.00 (Check)

Route Rite Multi User Premium Version for 5 Computers _______________$1319.00 or $1199.00 (Check)
Year Around Support Fees for Live Support (Optional):

Gives you Annual Live Person Email Support and sometime by phone, No additional charge standard software update for you like product and discounted prices on upgrades to a different package. Email Support Response is often within 5 to 15 minutes during normal working hours. It is extremely good for saving time when you have a problem

Fees for Annual Premium Support
Route Rite Limited (99.00 per year)
Route Rite Standard or Premium single user (400.00 to $500.00 per year)
Route Rite Standard or Premium Multi user ($600.00)

Live Support Training (Optional):
Live Standard Startup Training (1.5 hours of Live Person Dedicated Training)_____$150.00

1.5 Hr Advanced Dedicated Live Training with Data Analysis $ ___________$500.00. Great for 2nd Time Around and your is Data already entered by you. We analyse your setup efficiency in this package.

Software Data Entry Setup Fees
Software New User Data Entry Fees for standard approved data is $400.00 (Check Price), includes Setup Usage Training.
My Billing Buddy Inspector Android Software
My Billing Buddy Android Software ________________$300.00 per Device per Year
Includes one of the following
My Billing Buddy Link for Route Rite
My Billing Buddy DeskView
My Billing Buddy Import to Intuits QuickBooks
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