Welcome "Route Rite"tm Support Members
This Installation and Setup help is provided to you along with your Purchase of "Route Rite"™ Software to help you Install, setup and use Route Rite Software. If you did not purchase support, you have some time sensitive items to complete below, prior to your username and password expiration. So please follow these next paragraph instructions. If you purchased support you will have access to this area for your Annual Period.

If you did not purchase support;
Since you do not have support please download all these documents and help files now and save them on your computer (even if you don’t plan to use them for awhile). Please Download the Documents now by just clicking them. If they are files then save them on your computer. Once your username and password is disabled you will not be able to download them again, so please do it now.

You will need your username and password that you used to download the software. Your Username and Password will be disabled within 14 days so please download and read these instructions to help you install and prevent problems with your "Route Rite"™ Software. Also save a copy of your downloaded software now.
Order Live Training or Support via Email- support@gopst.com

1. 1.5 Hour Setup Training $199.00
2. 2.0 Consulting for Experience user and includes data evaluation and report $299.00
3. Annual Software Support Single User $400.00, Multi User $600.00
Annual Support includes Setup Training when purchase as a bundle with software, it also includes unlimited email support questions, free standard software updates for your purchased software, if any, discounts on other purchases, free re-downloads of purchased software, preferential support.
If you are a "New Install" Read This:
If you have never read or viewed these Help Tools read and watch them. They will help you
Click Here to go to Route Rite Home
Click Here to go to Route Rite Home
Other Stuff

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Software License
"Route Rite"™ Software Users Software License Agreement

Route Rite License to Use
http://www.gopst.com/discussion/files/EULA Route Rite.pdf
Ask a Support Question via Email- support@gopst.com
If you are On Annual Support and having a usage problem, Please make sure to describe:
1. The Screen you are on
2. Your Keystrokes
3. What, if any message the software is giving you
4. What you are attempting to do
Ask a Support Question via Email- support@gopst.com
If you are On Annual Support and having a usage problem, Please make sure to describe:
1. The Screen you are on
2. Your Keystrokes
3. What, if any message the software is giving you
4. What you are attempting to do
1. Phase One Route Rite Software Setup;

Phase One Setup must be completed first or you will get errors. Most Any Error means your setup is not correct. Other than that it is a entry error. "Route Rite"™ Software should run on Windows through Windows 7.

New Users should absolutely read this document prior to setup. "Route Rite"™ Software requires that you follow the setup instruction exactly. Do not take short cuts. If you do not understand the meaning of something please ask

New User Setup Help (Must Read Document)
http://www.gopst.com/discussion/files/1 Route Rite New Users Help.pdf
"Route Rite"™ Legend FAQs
is a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers given to these users who have gone through your current steps prior.

Route Rite Legend FAQ's (Huge Read)
http://www.gopst.com/discussion/files/1 Route Rite Legend FAQs.pdf
Slide Shows and Movies:

Getting Started Training Slide Show-
This Slide Show will go through the setup details. Press Space Bar to pause and restart. You need Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer for the PPT file.
Route Rite Training Movie Initial Setup-
This is a Silent Keystroke Movie with Notes that will show a person setting up the software.
2. Phase 2 Route Rite (Only After Phase 1 is 100% Complete)
Customer Input & Routing Help Slide Show--
You will need Microsoft's PowerPoint to view these slide shows. If you do not have PowerPoint you may download a Free Viewer Below or from the Links Page of our main web site www.gopst.com. Click the links page.
Customer Input Help Movie-
After the setup is 100% Complete then you may enter customers. Do not enter customer prior to your setup being complete as per our instructions not just because you use that feature or not. If you do not understand ask us.
If you do not have it you can download it for free from Microsoft's Web site or
Free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Support Agreement
If you purchased Annual Software Support then this is the content

Route Rite Annual Support Content
http://www.gopst.com/discussion/files/Support Agreement V843.pdf
Multi User Installation help (this came with your Multi User Software Download Email also)
Please follow the Multi-User Install Help document only if you are installing on a Multi User.

Multi User Software Installation Help
http://www.gopst.com/discussion/files/Route Rite Multi User Install Help.pdf
Route Rite Runs on Window 8

Route Rite Single User Standard and Limited has now been tested on Microsoft Windows 8. The install initially gave an Error until Restart after setup and then Windows 8 required the Printer Device drivers to be downloaded, but after doing so Service Forms and Report printed properly.
The Windows 8 Setup instructions are:
Install Route Rite
Right Click the RR Icon
Click Properties
Click Compatibility
Click Run Program in Compatibility Mode XP
Click Run as Adminitrator
Click Apply and Ok
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