Route Rite Software New User Live Training
Route Rite Software Advanced Consulting Training
Here's what you get to learn with each Route Rite Software Package:
Service Routing and Billing Software
Route Rite Software Home Page
Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

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• Installation Documentation

• Software Setup Documentation to explain your preparation and setup data entry

• Software Setup Step Instructions & Screen Shots on Power Point (PPT) Slide Show

• Software Setup Silent Movies showing Setup Keystrokes with notes

• Software Usage Silent Movie for Customer Entry, Service Instructions and Routing

• Route Rite Legend Document with Frequently Asked Support Questions and Answers from previous users over the years
Route Rite Software Live Person Setup Training
This training focuses on the set up of the software, which you will use to tweek the software closer to your style. It takes about 1.5 hours, but can save lots and lots of time, while increasing efficiency of setup customization
Route Rite Software Live Person After Setup User Consulting Training
Overall It takes about many hours, because we analyze your data first and then the actual time together is about 1.5 hours. This Service can save you lots and lots of time, while increasing efficiency of software usage customization
Annual Software Support-

This is a must, if you are looking for peice of mind like Insurance. Whatever happens we will be there to advise you. We will provide Live Email Support along with any standard software upgrades that we bring out for the product you purchased for the length of the support term. We will make sure you have access to our latest software, via download. This is nice because we do not support old outdated and replaced software. Our Research and Development is constantly working to provide better software overall. Support Members don't pay extra.

It also includes unlimited email questions and Live Answers. These are often times within minutes of your question

Access to the Support Members 24/7 Web Site for the term of the support. Why wait for an answer when our user Questions and previous answers are published, so take advantage when you have time.

This is a very valuable service when you need it. With it if you have a problem or a question about Route Rite, just send an email or call us and we will answer as many questions as you have.

Route Rite Legend Version 8.4 Software Training for Purchase
We have plenty of additional help that you can purchase all the way through us completing the setup for you.
Most Popular Option- Purchase Route Rite Software Setup Service

You pay us and we complete most of your Setup and train you on usage, so that you just need to enter your customers

"Route Rite"™ Software Setup Service
To "Reduce" your Setup Time if you just don't want to deal with the Setup and Customization Process

We have introduced a new "Route Rite"™ Software Setup Service that is designed for us, the experts, to setup up your new "Route Rite"™ Software to the point that you could start entering customers or enhancing or edit the setup data we have entered. We will get the data we need from you and then set your data up

We Setup your Software for you with Limited Setup (we don't setup of 100% but a sample set of each so that you can enhance) of the features in the Software that match your work including and limited to:
Up to
2 Profit Centers
(you can enter more),
10 Services per Profit Center
(you can enter more),
20 Items of Inventory
(you can enter more),
2 Customers with Services and Products
(you can enter more),
20 Zip Codes
(you can enter more),
5 Trucks
(you can enter more),
5 Employees
(you can enter more),
(you can enter more),
Office Information
Units of Measure
2 Sales Tax,
Service Slip, Invoice and Statement Office Notes

When we are done (usually within 5 Business Days) we will send your Database already setup and then provide you with 1.0 hours live training on how to run the software and enhance the setup items. You are now ready to enter customers and go or enhance or change what we have done. (This is the combination of the Setup training and the Setup Services).

More Stuff:
PST will enter your Setup Data and save you weeks of setup time
All your customer Vitals, Services and Service Instructions, Transaction History, Re-Scheduling
Individual Pricing, Multiple Addressses and more

Integrated with Routing, Inventory and Accounts Receivable
Route Rite Software is American Made
"Route Rite"tm Software Configurations:
Live Person to Person Training and Email Support
Live Training (add-on)
Annual Software Support (add-on)
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